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Welcome to Ultissimo

Ultissimo develops top quality property in Italy for the international market and operates a specialist, tailored Property Search business on Lake Como.  Our standards are exceptionally high throughout – from devoting time to understand your requirements at the outset, through viewing and purchase and then ensuring that owning your home is a pleasure and not a burden. 

Over the past five years we have worked successfully with clients from many different countries, won top international awards for the quality of our Italian development work and have enabled our clients to own an Italian home that adds a great new dimension to their lives.  Many of our clients had been searching without success for years, and then found just what they wanted easily and quickly with Ultissimo.

Lake Como offers stunning scenery, magnificent villas and a wealth of leisure activities.  It has been a favoured destination for the rich and famous for centuries, and today caters to a broad international market.  We are London-based with an expert team on Lake Como and we operate to top international standards.  We are uniquely placed to understand your requirements and find the right property for you.   


Italy is often associated with complexities, difficulties and opaque practices when buying a home.  See what our clients say and you will understand that we can assure you of an easy, secure and transparent purchase, legal in every respect.  We understand the process, the legislation and the Italian bureaucracy.  We have the experience to handle this on your behalf and make your purchase simple and secure.  We work with trusted lawyers, translators, architects, banks and currency exchange specialists to ensure you have a comprehensive and completely professional service throughout. 

Most of our clients have busy lives.  Our refreshing approach enables you to find and buy the home you desire without wasting your valuable time on fruitless trips.  Have a look at the information on the pages that follow and then please do contact us to talk about how we can help you. Our promise always is that our clients are at the heart of everything we do.  We will make your purchase and ownership the pleasure it ought to be.


"We wouldn't have done it without the help and guidance of Ultissimo"